a global movement to achieve zero homeless, zero pollution, and zero disease

Big numbers drive the world we live in


We’re constantly striving for more — more money, more cars, more followers, more friends, more likes — 

the truth of values often lies in the phrase “the bigger, the better.”

The number zero is often undesirable. It stands for nothing, null, and void.

Zero is defined as the absence of quantity or magnitude.

But in some facets of our world, zero could change everything.

Imagine our society in which all its citizens experienced ZERO disease,

ZERO unemployment, ZERO pollution, and ZERO homelessness.

Imagine ZERO worldwide.

That is our cause, inspiration, and passion.

To us, ZERO is the greatest number.

We aspire to create a global enlightenment period by

Supporting Bold Entrepreneurs


We provide $1-10M to portfolio startups that allow us to license IP.

Supporting Diverse Ecosystems


 We provide $5-25M to funds of funds that allow us to shape concepts.

Enabling Government Transformation


We provide ventures-as-a-service to support transforming citizen services.

The Zero Community

Zero Projects


Club Zero is Stat Zero's social network platform for members seeking to achieve good dividends all the while creating a zero-world.

Who are we? We're government officials, international investors, global entrepreneurs, grassroots innovators and community leaders pledging to change the world by investing time, energy, networks, and resources to achieve Zero. 

We empower global entrepreneurs in our club to gain access to new markets for their solutions. We give governments solutions to enable access to the latest bleeding edge technology. Our Zero Club votes on which projects to advance using our portfolio companies IP, empowering them to create change they want to see.

If you’re a change maker that wants to make global change happen, join Club Zero. 

Zero Ventures


Our portfolio companies tackle grand challenges: they are transforming defense, social services, healthcare, and environment in our portfolio.

Zero Co-Investments


We work with public and private funders to support ecosystem creation in global opportunity zones.