a global movement to achieve zero homeless, zero pollution, and zero disease

About Stat Zero

Stat Zero is an investment firm that merges social innovation and emerging technology to enact global change. Our mission is to evoke change to form a world where everyone is given the opportunity and empowerment to thrive. We are an R&D group with a corporate venture arm that aims to fund and build unicorn solutions that work to solve grand challenges at-scale. 

Stat Zero mobilizes governments, investors, and citizen innovators to tackle global problems at-scale by developing an XaaS investment platform focused on using emerging tech to meet grand challenges. We leverage our portfolio companies' intellectual property to create new offerings, new markets, and new industries that transform global opportunity zones into promise neighborhoods.

Who are we

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, we empower global investors to make returns by investing in emerging technology startup solutions that our group has identified aligns with public and private business deal flow.  We enable technology entrepreneurs and investors to gain access to global government tech markets in order to lift up vulnerable communities that subsist on public services.  

We're a diverse team of investors, entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, and creatives—that’s why when it comes to picking selection, we believe in inclusivity. Due to our multi-industry expertise, entrepreneurship/VC backgrounds, and being digital natives with deep technical expertise, we know how to build rugged SaaS and open source unicorn solutions.   

We have worked at Github, CERN, Google, Hubspot, IBM, and the White House.  We've started nonprofits and startups.  Now, we share our passion by helping others contribute beyond themselves.

Our job is to empower your team to achieve success in solving governments grand challenges.